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Dune 2000 Download Full Version cassumb




A sequel, Dune 2000: The Building of a Dynasty, was released in the same year. Both games are based on Frank Herbert's science fiction Dune series. Gameplay Players are able to travel around the map by driving their single-player units, moving them to a destination, building buildings or purchasing them from the game's map editor. The player can build an individual building or group of buildings on a map in order to place additional units onto the map. Buildings may be moved from map to map, similar to the building editor in Sudden Strike series, and if a building is placed on a map in which the player has no units, the building will decay if left unattended. A player may have up to three map-specific maps that can be viewed on the in-game map editor screen. These maps are stored in the form of a save file, and can be transferred to the computers of other players via the Internet. Players may also manage their empire with a task manager, which can be called up by pressing the F5 key. This screen will give information such as which building is currently being constructed, which are currently in use, what buildings are available to the player and what building needs to be constructed first. It will also show the finances and supply of the empire, along with population and forces. The game will also check in with the player during certain events in the game, such as when a naval unit is being trained. There are several map-specific scenarios that can be performed. All of the map specific scenarios are unique, allowing for a wide variety of gameplay with them. The game features many types of buildings, units and technologies. The units that are included vary depending on whether the player is controlling an individual army or a full army. Individual army units are marked with a crown on their head, while a full army is marked with a sword. The technology tree is split into several categories: defense, trade and army. The Defense category includes the categories of Air Support, Naval and Military, and this includes missile technology. Trade includes technology that increases the size of the factory and train track. It also includes technology to build more docks and improve the speed of trade. The Army category includes technology to improve equipment and support units and to increase unit strength and resupply. The game features a number of technologies and units, and the player is able to manufacture these units by placing down factories and purchasing them from the map editor. Some technologies, however, must be




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Dune 2000 Download Full Version cassumb
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