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Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Quality parenting

Three features of parenting have been acknowledged identified as promoting positive outcomes in young children, namely

  1. sensitivity,

  2. cognitive stimulation, and

  3. warmth

Parenting sensitivity refers to parents’ awareness to their children’s cues, emotions, interests, and capabilities in ways that balance children’s needs for support with their needs for autonomy. Cognitive stimulation refers to parents’ didactic efforts to enrich their children’s cognitive and language development by engaging children in activities that promote learning and by offering language-rich environments to their children. Parents’ warmth refers to parents’ expressions of affection and respect toward their children.

Types of Parenting Styles

Three different types of parenting style, namely authoritarian, authoritative and permissive are generally recognised.

Authoritarian parents.The parents’ word is law. Misconduct is punished.

Permissive parents.They make few demands on their children.

Authoritative parents.They favour a democratic style of child-rearing

The relationship between aggression in young people and parenting styles suggests thatmore positive parenting is associated with less aggression. There is also evidence that authoritarian parenting is associated with a tendency to bully in children and young people.

A calm, well structured home environment may alleviate symptoms of stress and provide security for children experiencing stressful events outside the home.

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