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An 8 lesson primary school (Years 1-7) Pack,
Coping with Bullying - Promoting Wellbeing for primary students.


40 page booklet and 14 fact sheets.


The double sided PEACE Pack fact sheets are purchased as part of the Primary School Lesson Pack and include the following topics:


  • Development of the PEACE Pack
  • School based workshop guidelines for addressing bullying
  • School policy guidelines to address bullying
  • Ideas for junior primary, primary and secondary school lessons on bullying
  • Communicating with parents and caregivers
  • Evaluating and celebrating the success of a school-based anti-bullying intervention
  • Counselling guidelines for victimised students
  • Bullying and students with special needs
  • Bullying and very young children
  • Practical ideas to address bullying
  • School and classroom interventions
  • Guidelines for implementing the PEACE Pack
  • Advice for parents regarding bullying

Peace Pack Primary - Digital

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