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Video Subscriptions Guide

To access the Scenarios for Bullying videos online, subscribe to the CAPER website with a one-time payment of $120.

Start this process by clicking the 'Video Subscription: $120' button on the 'Scenarios for Bullying' banner in the Peace Pack store.

Scenarios for Bullying introduction screen showing various children role-playing conversations

On the Video Subscriptions page, click the 'Subscribe Now' button for the 'Scenarios for Bullying' video package.

Screenshot of the video package and 'subscribe now' button on the Video Subscriptions page

During checkout, you'll need to sign up to the CAPER website.

Enter your details and complete the payment for your subscription.

Screenshot of the checkout screen

Once confirmed, you'll receive a confirmation email containing an 'Access Videos' button.

Click this button to visit the Scenarios for Bullying Videos page directly.

You can also locate the Scenarios for Bullying Videos page in the 'Resources' drop-down menu.

To watch the videos, log in using the username and password you created during sign-up.

Screenshot of the Scenarios for Bullying video page
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